Devin Crutcher's Memphis Grizzlies Halftime Show Performance


Devin Crutcher is Memphis artist who has been performing for years around the local music scene and has become a staple in the city. He has family ties to Stax Records through his grandmother, singer, songwriter and producer, Bettye Crutcher.  Devin is also an Emerging Star of the Consortium MMT’s SoulRight Music Mentorship Program. The Consortium MMT (Memphis Music Town) is a non-profit organization founded by Memphis native, world-renowned songwriter and producer, David Porter, who was the first staff songwriter of Stax Records. Through the Consortium MMT, Devin was given the opportunity to perform his music during a recent Memphis Grizzlies’ Halftime Show in front of over 16,000 fans. “It was an amazing opportunity to have over 16,000 people watch you perform. I had butterflies in my stomach for a moment but that quickly subsided,” says Devin. “To be performing on this type of platform was incredible!”

This booming talent’s schedule is filling up by the week. Devin has several local performances slated in the coming weeks, most notably, on March 23, 2019 at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, where he will perform along with others, as the Memphis Symphony Orchestra honors David Porter and his illustrious songwriting legacy. One thing that is shaping Devin’s musical journey is the Talent Development Complex under the Consortium MMT.  Devin shared  that the discipline and dedication to submit to the program allowed him to receive information that nurtured and further developed his musical talents, especially his work ethic. “Under the guidance of The Consortium MMT’s program developed by Mr. Porter, and having such a great resource, like The Talent Development Complex, to be available to Memphis, for Memphis, by a very successful Memphian is something that is a blessing indeed”, says Devin. Eyes will continue to watch as Devin’s career blossoms and transforms over the years through the help of the Talent Development Complex and his newly developed work ethic with his musical career.

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