+ What is the TDC?

We are a Music Resource Center (MRC) for the public and a talent development and recording facility for the Emerging Stars of The Consortium MMT's music mentorship program. We are not a talent agency, booking agency, or record label, but we do offer free consultations and resources to help you manage your career in the music business effectively and efficiently so that you may be successful.

+ Is it free to be a member?

Yes! We do offer free memberships and provide a variety of free resources and programs for our members. We also offer paid memberships which include a few more resources from some of our partners such as Next Big Sound and atVenu.

+ Do I have to be a member to use the resources?

Yes, but signing up is free and easy. You can sign up here.

+ How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is easy and free! All you have to do is fill out our online application. Our sign-up form will essentially function as your member profile and can be evaluated by our staff to offer you effective and intentional advice for improving your music career.

+ What is an Emerging Star?

Emerging stars are vetted through the Consortium MMT's SoulRight Music Mentorship Program as either a songwriter, recording artist/entertainer, or record producer and selected by founder David Porter to continue cultivating their talent at the TDC, while exploring opportunities with industry leaders. They are offered exclusive access to recording equipment, rehearsal space, and other free services.

+ What resources are offered for Emerging Stars?

Free access to our whisper rooms (vocal booths) equipped with top of the line recording equipment and software A live recording room for instruments A stage room equipped with light and sound for developing stage presence A mirror wall for practicing choreography Free use of all the MRC programs, services, and partnership tools.

+ How do I become an Emerging Star?

To become an Emerging Star, you must apply to the Consortium MMT's SoulRight Music Mentorship Program and be accepted. Once accepted as either a songwriter, record producer, or recording artist/entertainer, you will go through classes built around your chosen discipline. At the end of the course, talents from within the program will be evaluated and considered for the Emerging Star Network.

+ What is the Music Mentorship Program?

The Music Mentorship program is a program for songwriters, record producers, and recording artist/entertainers with a curriculum written by David Porter himself and contributed to by world-renowned professionals such as Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Jam, Anthony Hamilton, Ledisi, and more. It is completely free to apply and holds sessions three times a year: spring, summer, and late summer/fall. To apply, https://theconsortiummmt.org/apply/

+ What are the TDC hours of operation?

Currently, our hours of operation are Monday–Friday from 12pm-7pm.