In December of 2015, with the generous support of many community stakeholders, the Talent Development Complex was opened to provide Resources, Education, further Development and Opportunities for the talent community. The social media hashtag #REDOMemphisMusic instituted in 2017, speaks to this commitment. Our intent is to connect with music creators and performers from all genres to participate in the cultivation of a more prepared talent community and to assist this pool of talent in effectively monetizing their gifts. So, our commitment is not only to support talented individuals in improving their skills, but to also provide information for them to learn the business of the music industry from our staff and the content of our Music Resource Center.

There is also a dedicated space for those who are accepted into The Consortium MMT’s Emerging Stars Network. This area provides recording and rehearsal space to talents that have been determined to possess a level of skill that can be translated into a more immediate successful entry into the marketplace with additional support.

Our ongoing interaction with program participants and other members of the talent community who utilize the resources and programs of the Talent Development Complex afford us the opportunity to identify their common needs, which informs our decisions to develop additional programming in the years ahead. We are steadfast in our commitment to building a viable music industry in the City of Memphis. So, we welcome all aspiring talents to visit us and follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date on the Resources, Education, Development and Opportunities that we continue to provide. 


Warmest regards,


Fenton E. Wright