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  • The Talent Development Complex 119 South Main Street Suite #111 Memphis, TN 38103 United States (map)

Lunch & Listen is a casual lunchtime networking event and listening session that will provide members of the music community with an opportunity to showcase their work, discover local talent, and broaden their network with the intent to inspire collaboration and musical growth.

This month's Lunch & Listen will feature guest songwriter and recording artist, Brandon Kinder of The Wealthy West.

Brandon Kinder may not be a household name, but there's a good chance you've heard his songs or his voice somewhere over the past few years. As frontman for Austin's anthemic rock group, The Rocketboys, as a solo singer under his own name and via his Wealthy West moniker, Kinder's music has been used in an enormous array of TV shows, indie movies and commercials.

The Rocketboys last EP capped this with a feature in the final season of Glee. With a soaring, emotional ballad, the song "Viva Voce" became a fan-favorite. But Kinder's other side, as a solo artist, mostly armed with an acoustic guitar or piano, soft, sometimes darker and far more introverted has garnered equal amounts of praise. 2011's "The Wealthy West: Volume One" was a masterpiece of songwriting. Simple, thoughtful and unpretentious, the 5 songs spoke delicately of love, a topic that Kinder's day-job band rarely does. Now returning with a full-length record, "Long Play", The Wealthy West charts both paths equally, with a far more detailed map. There's a common thread in the songs.

Kinder, who grew up in Memphis and spent most of his musical life in Abilene and Austin, lets his fancy fly free and sets off on a grand journey. Themes of traveling, searching and seeking tie many of the songs together. The Wealthy West becomes a character looking for something that he knows he might never find... or has already found and has to convince himself of that. Ultimately, there is an honesty to the music. There are no wasted lyrics to fill space. Where The Wealthy West is clear on his road, there's a sense of joy. Where he's confused or foundering, there's a feeling of hope and experience to get through it all. 


How Lunch & Listen works:

  • Those interested in sharing their work must submit music by Wednesday the week of the event
  • Attendees are encouraged to bring a lunch and contact information (such as a business card) for networking.
  • The TDC will provide a scoring tool that can be used by attendees to provide artists with feedback regarding their submitted music.

Submit music at, and don't forget to RSVP! Must be 18+

*Songs must be copyrighted and the songwriter must be registered with a Performance Rights Organization (PRO). Need help with copyrights and PROs? The TDC staff is available. Please call us at (901) 435-6509.