Jennifer Hall Burris is the creator of Crown Vox, an artist with an unmistakable point of view who came onto the scene in 2016 with the single and bewitching video “No Loving But Yours” directed by Emmy-winning director Mitch Martin.

Starting out, Burris was playing the casino circuit in Tunica, MS but decided it was time to create her own music. She began working with producer Elliott Ives, and brought Crown Vox to life in late 2015. "I felt like I needed to create and entertain, so I developed this story and this mindset that I could write from.” What Burris imagined, though, was more than just that – she imagined an entirely new world. A world where men are sexualized and women rule. A world where a female child must inherit the throne. The Crown Vox. Since her creation, Crown Vox has released four singles – two of which she has released accompanying music videos.

Hand selected by Stax legend, GRAMMY winner and Songwriting Hall of Fame inductee David Porter to be in his Emerging Stars Network as a performing artist and songwriter, Burris has proven in just a few years that she’s got the talent to carry a career. That she’s chosen to do it through the lens of Crown Vox proves that there’s more to this petite beauty than meets the eye.